The Big Secret to Becoming the Expert

By | February 10, 2018
becoming the expert

The Big Secret to Becoming The Expert in Anything You Want

Becoming the expert in any given niche or topic is really a matter of taking the time to outsource your content or learn about it yourself and really become the expert...

You know, what we call "NICHE" markets.

Yes, there are always going to be experts that we look up to, but a majority of the blogs and websites, in your niche, whose content that has NOT been written by the top dogs in the blogosphere that you’ve come to know.

So, where has the content come from anyway's?

Is comes from people we call ghostwriters !

The idea behind becoming the expert is an easy one that is guaranteed to work for just about any niche. 

Yes, even yours...

Rather than becoming the expert, you simply outsource the content and product creation to those that are.

These outsourcers are not only ghostwriters, but they are extremely knowledgeable in the topics you are hiring them for.

For Example

If you were interested in creating content within the weight loss industry you may struggle to write that content.

Becoming the expert in weight loss really takes a lot of education or been there done that, right?

But if you had been overweight at some point in your life you could have something of value to share.

Make Sense?

Keeping in mind that without the proper search engine optimization it is hard for you to get the right people to your content so the value is actually appreciated.

The Impact of Valuable Content

Do you think content like this would have an impact on your blog or website as far as traffic?


Not only that but you just gave yourself the ability to drive quality traffic to your blog or website.


Plus, you would probably see SEO benefits  while dominating social media and become the “go to expert” in your niche.

All because you were able to create and deliver unbelievably high quality content to your audience.

Remember one thing:

Although you can become instantly recognized as an expert in any niche you chose, but let me tell you this one thing...

Learn how to do that yourself and your readers will value you even more because they will see your words, your emotion, and your passion in every word.

Now don't here me say you need a PHD in that topic but you need to understand it and be able to convey that you do into words or a video to your audience.

7 Ways You Could Become An Expert

  1. Author books in the field. Fortunately, you don’t have to know the first thing about the subject. Just outsource quality material, and then self-publish it through various outlets such as Amazon Kindle, LuLu, Kobo and Createspace
  2. Create videos on the subject. Outsource video based presentations that demonstrate your expert’s knowledge of the subject.  Videos are powerful vehicles at building authority while spreading your marketing message like wildfire throughout your market.
  3. Write articles and distribute them to industry sources. These sources can include blogs, magazines and other authority publications. Be sure that your name is listed as the source or author, and if possible secure a permanent link to your website or blog.
  4. Speak at industry events. This isn’t something you can easily outsource, because you will need to be present in person. However, you can take some solace in the fact that even the President has speechwriters who prepare his presentations. All he does is read them!
  5. Make appearances on television, radio, websites, blogs and other industry sources. You will need to be very prepared if you’re going to make live appearances, but if you can be assured the interviewer will not deviate from a pre-determined set of questions, you can learn a limited amount of information and still appear to be an expert in your field. Many interviewers are happy to work with you to create a list of questions for an interview, or at least provide you with interview questions ahead of time so you can prepare.
  6. Offer coaching, tutoring or other types of training. Through the power of outsourcing, you can easily maximize your income by offering coaching and training services, such as by building a course for websites like or by creating a subscription-based website for those interested in your content. 
  7. Run your own blog, website, social media, etc. Build a strong online presence in as many different areas as possible, leveraging the power of social media to enhance your presence within your market and connect, network and maintain contact with existing authority figures, market leaders and of course, your customer base! 
becoming the expert

It will also allow you to interact with other individuals within your field on a regular basis while staying on top of trends and current hot topics.

  1. Participate in forums & community networks. If there are any large, popular Internet forums in your niche, be sure to join them and engage in discussions.

    Answer questions, offer help and be polite and professional. Never engage in arguments, but friendly debates are fine as long as you know when to draw the line.
  2. Siphon credibility from existing authority figures!  This is one of the easiest ways to propel yourself into a niche market and become known as an authority yourself.

    All you need to do is associate yourself with an existing authority figure, a market leader, someone who is already trusted in your market. 

If you execute this properly you will be able to mix things up with your content and those of the people you outsource to that brings REAL value to your audience that is now getting to know, like and trust you.

They will believe you are the Expert for them...

Take Care,


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