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Content Marketing and SEO Are Important Parts of Blogging in 2018

We all know that content marketing and SEO are king when it comes to blogging online in 2018.

Most people do not think about what they write with the intent of it being a marketing tool.

Why Content Marketing and SEO Is Hard to Create

Its not really but it does take some thought to become a good blogger that delivers great content.

It is a lot of research and good old common sense in my opinion and anyone can do it if they put their mind to it.

As we and you work hard to become good at this type of writing we need to deliver valuable content.

How Simple Authority Builders Help Your Blog Thrive

How Books Become Your Authority Builder Authority Builders are Books that are extremely powerful for many different reasons.      For one thing, they can be very profitable in and of themselves.     But they are also a very influential method for attaining expert status in your field.     Writing a book on a subject makes… Read More »

The Big Secret to Becoming the Expert

The Big Secret to Becoming The Expert in Anything You Want Becoming the expert in any given niche or topic is really a matter of taking the time to outsource your content or learn about it yourself and really become the expert…   You know, what we call “NICHE” markets.   Yes, there are always going to be… Read More »