How Simple Authority Builders Help Your Blog Thrive

By | February 11, 2018
Authority Builders

How Books Become Your Authority Builder

Authority Builders are Books that are extremely powerful for many different reasons. 

For one thing, they can be very profitable in and of themselves.

But they are also a very influential method for attaining expert status in your field.

Writing a book on a subject makes you appear to be very knowledgeable about the topic at hand.  

Consider them authority builders in the process.

After all, authors are respected and admired as being experts in their industry.

So, even if you aren’t a great writer yourself, you can still write a book and sell it online on your blog.

Point is make sure you understand your creating authority builders for your brand.

But if you feel you struggle with the whole thing, no worries just outsource it there are plenty of people who do this online.

You can find quality writers on marketplaces such as: 

Authority Builders

White Label Products & Licensing

If you are working within a limited budget, you might consider “White Label Licensing”.

White label licensing is a powerful way of getting your hands on authority builders without having to spend a lot of money.

Again, you could outsourcing your book writing to quality freelancers to those sites above.. 

In fact, countless “gurus” have gotten their start just by purchasing high quality white label content.

This allows them to resell and repackage it under their own brands and authority in the process.

Here’s the nitty-gritty on white label licensing:

Experienced writers create a variety of content on various niche markets.

Where Can You Get White Label Products

You can find white label products in virtually every market, including weight loss, dating, and profitable health markets.  

This content is market-ready, meaning you don’t have to do anything before reselling it.

When it comes to white label licensing, there are many different content types and formats available including:

  1. Video
  2. Audio
  3. Images
  4. ebooks
  5. and a few more

The key is to purchase only high quality white label content from trustworthy sources.


You do this because you need to be absolutely certain that you have the right to distribute the content.


Plus you want it created by quality writers that people respect.

What is Your Plan for White Label Content

Keep in mind that white label content is just as good as content you might outsource, but it is typically available at a fraction of the cost. 

Publishing multiple books in a single niche is okay, but only if each book brings value to your audience.

Let’s say you are operating within the weight loss niche.

You can’t just come out with ten different books on how to lose weight with a 1,200 calorie per day diet.

Each one needs to be unique and different and that is something you control as well..

Here’s an example:.

  • The 1,200 Calorie Weight Loss Diet
  • The 1,200 Calorie Weight Loss Diet for Vegetarians
  • The 1,200 Calorie Weight Loss Diet for Pescetarians (Only eat fish)
  • The 1,200 Calorie Weight Loss Diet for Meat Lovers
  • The 1,200 Calorie Weight Loss Diet for Teens
  • The 1,200 Calorie Weight Loss Diet Cookbook

As you can see, there are many ways to come out with different versions of the same basic type of information.

Let's Wrap This Up About Authority Builders

Here’s another example, this time for the knitting niche:

Once you publish several different books in the sameniche, people will truly begin to see you as an expert in that field.

One book could mean you are a hobbyist, but having several published is much more likely to cause someone to see you as an expert.

A powerful trick you can use to boost your credibility even further is to use your books to promote your other projects within the field. 

For example, you can include links to your blog, your other books and your social media profiles.

Put this information in your “About the Author” section or at the end of your books. 

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