Affiliate Marketer Benefits You May Not Know About

By | February 21, 2018
the real benefits of being an affiliate marketer

The Real Benefits of Being an Affiliate Marketer Explained:

The most effective way a product owner can advertise online is to use Affiliate Marketing. 

Besides that it is a great way for real people like you and I to make money online with our website or blog.

When the product owner decides to let other people promote and sell their product is where the term affiliate marketing comes into play.


The affiliate, allows the use of their online real estate, to promote the product
owners product by linking to their sales page. 

In exchange, the product owner agrees to pay a commission to the affiliate on
all sales generated via the affiliate’s online real estate (blog or website). 

Yea, you can only imagine this but when you live through the experience of this
you realize that when people click on that link and buy that product you make


Let me be crystal clear here, the real benefits of being an affiliate marketer
today is to not over complicate things but instead simplify them so you can
duplicate it over and over again.

Why  Being an Affiliate Marketer Is Considered a Win Win

Affiliate marketing is described as a win-win opportunity for both the product owner and the affiliate. 

This is because of the pay-for-performance scenario.  

Both the product owner and the affiliate marketer enjoy some benefits in affiliate

It’s Called Sales…

There Are Many Benefits On The Product Owner’s End Though

It gives the product owner a much bigger market for their product or service to be advertised in.

Which is a HUGE benefit for them.

Because of the maximum exposure that their product gets it is much more profitable than traditional marketing or advertising.

The product owner has produces these benefits: 

1. higher the traffic

2. more leads

3. more sales

But Let’s Not Forget About the Real Benefits an Affiliate Marketer Has as Well...

Why we would not think that the affiliate receives benefits in this deal is beyond me but…

There are a lot of skeptics out there that think the only one that really makes money is the product owner.

Here are some of the benefit’s for the affiliate:

1.  Easy sales (people click on a link or image)

2.  Product owner usually provides the link and image

3.  Product owner usually provides swipe emails, articles and blog posts

4.  Product owner handles the payment from buyer

5.  Product owner pays you

6.  Product owner supplies the sales pages

Think about this for a minute

The buyer clicks on the ad, link or image on your site, is then redirected to the product owners sales page and goes on to buy that product you promoted, then you get a commission. 

How sweet is that the real benefits of being an affiliate marketer are really that simplistic...

So, the more people you send increases your opportunity to earn more commissions or more money.

the real benefits of being an affiliate marketer

The Real Benefits of Being an Affiliate Marketer Is You have The Opportunity to Work From Home 

There are virtually no upfront costs that you have to pay for as an affiliate.

The product owner has already created the product. 

Simple, get as many people to look and buy the product if they think it will help them.

Affiliate programs are usually free to join.

There are literally thousands of products you can chose to promote.

There are literally thousands of “niches” out there so you will find products to promote.

In addition, there is absolutely no sales experience really needed to be an affiliate. 

Most program creators offer excellent support when it comes to providing marketing material.

The Real Benefits of Being an Affiliate Marketer is The Simplicity of it

It allows you the affiliate marketer to:

a) the least cost

b) the ability to earn money

c) have the opportunity to life the dream

You can even build a successful “REAL” business to whatever level you desire to have it.

Because you have your own business, you have the opportunity to create the lifestyle that you have always desired to have.

Let’s Wrap This Up

The simple answer to this is just that SIMPLE.

As with any thing in life no matter the business you always face the chance of failure.

Sometimes people create a product that is CRAP.  

It doesn't work right and frustrates you and your buyers.

If affiliates do not do their homework they can fall for that product like this.

Its easy to do I have been there done that got the t-shirt for it.

So, in saying that make sure you look at the reviews (not created by affiliates).

Really look at the product yourself maybe even buy it.

The authority you’re trying to create online depends on how you start out.

You want people to know like and trust you

Don’t hear me say that affiliate marketing is all roses and pipe dreams.

It's not but it is not that hard to do either.

Educate yourself first, then apply what you learn

At the end of the day that will pay off over time.

Eventually you will become a product creator.

In reality they make more money than the affiliates most of the time.

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