Top Ten SEO Hacks You Need to Know

By | April 7, 2018

Here are my Top Ten SEO Hacks that help your page rank better in 2018 and beyond. The hardest thing about SEO is figuring out what you need to actually do about the SEO for your content.  This what I hope to explain in this post today.


Top Ten SEO Hacks That Help Your Page Rank Better

Search Engine Optimization or SEO does not have to be complicated nor will these top ten seo hacks be the end all to your seo success.  There are literally hundreds if not thousands of things one could do when it comes to seo and a blog post or even a 5,000 word article would not hold them all.

But I would like you to just try these top ten seo hacks in your next post and see if this helps you in your ranking of that specific content.

Naturally do whatever you normally do to get your content out there as in posting so social media or boosting it on facebook.  Lets see what google does with these top ten seo hacks that I have listed below.

What is your plan and will you create your own top ten seo hacks or add on to these…


Here are the Top Ten SEO Hacks

  1.  underline your focus keyword (keyword phrase)
  2. bold your focus keyword (keyword phrase)
  3. italicize your focus keyword (keyword phrase)
  4. use your focus keyword phrase in the alt tag of your image
  5. make sure your keyword density is around 1.5%-2.5%
  6. be sure to use an seo plugin if you use wordpress like Yoast or SEO Pressor
  7. put an image every 100-150 words with the alt tag having your focus keyword or keyword phrase
  8. you must have at least one inbound link to another article that has something to do with your focus keyword
  9. always have at least one outbound link to content that has something to do with your focus keyword
  10. it’s a good idea to have your focus keyword in your headline, H2 tag and H3 tags

Let’s Wrap Up This Post On The Top Ten SEO Hacks For Today

The bottom line here is you need to engaged in the process of learning more about seo and applying what you learn as you write content.  Getting on page one and staying there is about learning what it takes to keep you there not just these top ten seo hacks as this is a starting point to see where it takes you and then learn how to get to where you want to be.

One other important task you could do is create a video about your topic.  Even though this may or may not be considered a “hack” it is one of my future top ten seo hacks I would like to become good at.

I just bought screen flow for mac and I have yet to master it so I have not actually created my first video with it.  But I am working on it and will try to get a video up for this post about the top ten seo hacks.



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