Welcome to my Blog I am so happy you found your way here…

My Name is Steve Legg and I love blogging and making money online as well as showing others how to do the same thing.

It is my intent with this blog to share with you the reasons for ditching the day job and blogging and educating yourself along with me in mastering SEO for this blog.

This new approach has really been a time of excitement for me and I hope it is for you also as we go on this journey together.

So if you find a post or a page that you do not understand, that’s okay just shoot me an email and I will see if I can clear up any confusion.

But you know if you actually know the answer (I am not an expert by any means) I will modify the page and we can go on from there.

You see blogging is not about being wrong or right it is about you and I engaging with each other is such a way that we learn how to know like and trust each other.

What You Can Do For Me While You’re Here

I try to spend time on my content so if you like what you read how about sharing it on Social Media or leaving a comment?

This does a couple of things for me, it helps me create backlinks and it shows me that you like or dislike what I have put on my blog.

Did I mention that I do not create everything?

I do curate some content and videos that I think my readers would like so you could also comment on my post and then go to the content you read or watched (youtube or another blog) and drop a comment there also.

Although I do not have anything other than my own content on the blog now I will have because I think it is important that you hear other people’s opinion on certain topics.

Besides when it comes to SEO, Google really likes it when you share other peoples content on your blog.  (hence not stealing it but giving credit where credit is due)

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