About Me

Welcome to my Blog I am so happy you found your way here…

My Name is Steve Legg and I have been around awhile so hopefully the information that I share on this site about seo, blogging and affiliate marketing, and making money online will help you in some way.

I live in Oregon in a rural area that fits me and my family real good we are not big city people.

I am not a full time blogger yet so I still have my day job as well.  I am also involved in a network marketing company and if that is something you might be interested in click on the banner to the right.  

My end goal is always to help someone get better at something and you may be struggling with a problem that I address in my blog somewhere.

For years I have blogged about numerous topics related to the make money online, and health and wellness  industries.

Even though that is a topic of interest to a large portion of my audience I feel I have more to share than just another affiliate offer or sales pitch.

Now, in saying that you will find some affiliate offers on my site but hopefully you will see they are related tot he content that I am sharing on this site.

So, if you are interested in seo, blogging or affiliate marketing to help you retire form that day job your stuck in then please bookmark this blog so you can come back  to it any time.

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Steve Legg