Set Your Goal for Every Single Day

If you set a new goal for every single day as you get started in your day you will have a better more successful day.

What a great thing it would be to experience this type of feeling on a daily basis.

Set Your Goal for Today Now?

I hope you can visualize this and give it a try.

Remember that Goals are to be reachable and measurable but not so easy they do not require effort on your part.

Use these Goals as a tool to build character, relationships, friendships, and most of all to build YOU as a person!

If you set your goal for today right now you will position yourself to be all that you set yourself up to be.

Things do not just happen. They are events that are set and planned out to bring us to a point of success.

Goal Setting

Set Your Goal for Every Single Day

I know it is a challenge to set a new goal every single day but if you can create this habit you will be better off.

This shows YOU that you do have a mind that makes you think, be better and have a happier life.

Keep in mind that this is my opinion and the only way you will know if it will work for you is to try it.

Work with me on this and take a 21 day challenge.  Then come back to this post and leave me a comment on how the previous 21 days went for you.

Why 21 Days to set a new goal ever single day?

Well, the experts say that it takes doing something 21 times to create a habit.

I have found that to be true more times than not.

To keep this in perspective it is doing “it” with the mindset that you want to make this a habit.

If you do not get this mindset you will just get lazy and it will not work.

I Have Faith In You to Set Your Goals

If you do this for 21 days you will be more likely to do it every day from then.

I say this because you will be seeing improvement in your life.

But let’s clarify one thing.

If your goal is to make a million dollars in a day that might be far fetched to reach.

But maybe if this was your goal in 10 years you could achieve such a goal.

But, you would need a plan that would take you to that point in time.

One Way You Can Achieve Greatness

Achieve Greatness

One Way to Achieve Greatness

I love image posts and this one is really a nice looking image.  You have to check it out and see it in full view and yes you will be motivated and inspired…