Start Here

Welcome and I am so glad you have taken the next step in the process of learning more so you can help yourself and your business prosper.

There are so many ways that you could start but in my humble opinion I like to keep things SIMPLE...

What You Need to do First

Every online business needs a plan and mine is to work on becoming and seo master, and affiliate marketer and a networker.  But, I am still in the learning process to become that "Master".  

What I am really saying is you need to take the time to setup your business so it will succeed from the very start.  

This is important because....

We all want to succeed at whatever we are doing right?

So, take a few hours and think about your plan, what you need and then compare it to my list of steps below to see how they match up.

Here is What I Would Do Based on What I Know Now

STEP 1: You need to be creating cashflow or you will go into debt trying to make ends meet building your blog.

STEP 2:  You need a system that can be set up to market your products or opportunities that will create that cashflow.

STEP 3:  Test, Test, Test.  WHAT!  WAIT A MINUTE!  No seriously you need to test different ads or copy and seo strategies to see what is going to GRAB the attention of your visitors to your blog or landing pages.

STEP 4:  Start Building Your Email List

STEP 5:  Show others how to do the same

STEP 6: Create solid content that is seo optimized

OK, 6 Steps Really...

Yep, like I said I want to keep it simple.  

I really think that people tend to hype things up and in my opinion that creates all sorts of things that no one really wants to deal with especially in this day and age.

So, how did we match up?  

Were we close?

My Marketing Resources

Below I have a list of resources that I use.

1.  My Capture Page Marketing System [ click here then go to "get a site like this" jot down my name, email and phone number as your referrer ]

2.  Simple Freedom IM School [ click here ]

These two will get your started and not overwhelm you.  

Like I have said many times there are a lot of ways to build a business and this is one of them.  So, as I told you I am not a Master and still in the learning process like you maybe a few steps ahead if you're a complete newbie.

I make no claims that this will work for you but it has for me and others.  

At the end of the day YOU are all that really matters and if you feel it is a good thing to do then go for it but if you have any doubt back a way and give it some more thought.

Make Sense?

Steve Legg