Start Here

Welcome and I am so glad you have taken the next step in the process of learning more so you can help yourself and your business prosper.

There are so many ways that you could start but in my humble opinion I like to keep things SIMPLE...

What You Need to do First

Every online business needs a plan and mine is to work on becoming and seo master, and affiliate marketer and a networker.  

But, I am still in the learning process to become that "Master".  

What I am really saying is you need to take the time to setup your business so it will succeed from the very start.  

This is important because....

We all want to succeed at whatever we are doing right?

So, take a few hours and think about your plan, what you need and then compare it to my list of steps below to see how they match up.

  • Get a wordpress blog
  • Build a list
  • Get an Autoresponder
  • Learn how to make videos
  • Always be learning and doing (never complacent)

This is not rocket science so why wait and hesitate just go do what you need to do to make your business a success.

Steve Legg